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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pigeon Island

Healthy coral reefs abound in the shallow waters around Pigeon Island in Trincomalee. Once devastated by a Crown of Thorns starfish infestation these reefs have now recovered completely. But this balance is now being threatened by an increasing number of human activities. Despite being declared a National Park in 2003 fishing including the use of dynamite is still openly carried out on these reefs. Large numbers of visitors are also polluting the island, walking on the reef and removing corals as souvenirs. Still beautiful, this enchanting yet fragile paradise is threatened once again. As is often the case in Sri Lanka, action is lacking from those in charge and only time will decide how long paradise lasts..........but hopefully the future will hold more than a few old photographs.


Loshini said...

your pictures never fail to amaze us here. thank you..

Nishan said...

thanks Loshini! the underwater world never fails to amaze me and i enjoy sharing that magic with others. hopefully i can make at least a few people appreciate and want to conserve our marine environment.

Zanadu said...

Gorgeous pics Nishan.....I wanna jump into the sea now :)